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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DAY 25

DAY 25, Tuesday, August 9 2011

Been falling behind on my journaling but will sacrifice catching up for editing the DESTINY 5 show. Long story short: we had what I felt was our most effective meeting this past Saturday. There was a funky energy going in as many of our members were experiencing strife. When we were finished I felt that everyone was very happy to be there and will use some new tools going into the new week.

My final camp session was a great success! I truly enjoyed the final presentation that the kids put on demonstrating their knowledge of drama and the hero’s journey. That, combined with a very fun workshop at the boys and girls club this morning, leads me to believe there is a future for this with teens and pre-teens.
All of a sudden I find myself out of a full time job and working once again as a trainer, actor and babysitter.

Good news is that I can finally start my video editing which I’m ready for and excited about!

Current score as of 8/6/11:

Monday, August 1, 2011

DAYS 14,15,16

DAY 14, Friday, July 29 2011

I found myself noting a very interesting discovery while staging a sword fight today. For the DESERT scene, Lancelot is teaching would-be knights of the round table three concepts. (Inspired by the movie First Knight, staring Richard Gere and Sean Connery.)

The three lessons Lancelot teaches are as follows…

1. Cultivate patience. Never rush in to an opponent, when an opening presents itself take it without hesitation.

2. Study your opponent. Know them as you know yourself.

3. You mustn’t care whether you live or die.

To demonstrate the final lesson, Lancelot takes on two students at the same time. What starts out as a sparring session turns into a dark moment where Lancelot severely injures both students while putting one of them in a position where Lancelot could easily take his life. I equate with the professional wrestling instructor breaking his student’s leg on the first day of training. When a student comes under the presumption that professional wrestling is “all fake”, he soon learns that if he chooses to return, much like the knight, then it becomes a lifelong commitment.

I’m realizing that teaching this hero’s journey material, teaching real life drama skills, is a life calling for me. The emotional and financial battle scars run deep and are now affecting my outlook. I feel as if I’m now fully engaged and there is no turning back from the destiny I’ve created for myself.
Thoughts create behavior. Behavior creates habit. Habits create character. Character creates a destiny.

DAY 15, Saturday, July 30 2011

BITCHIN’ BADGERS: 25 + 13 = 38
4HARMONY: 28 + 15 = 43

Everyone was in attendance for the HELPING HANDS session today. It felt good having everyone there. I’m looking forward to seeing how the teams help each other with the individual quests.
DAY 16, Sunday, July 31 2011

Took a break and visited my parents. It reminds me that I really would like to travel more while doing my work. That’s imperative.

DAY 17, Monday, August 1 2011

I’m exhausted. Waiting to do a phone interview about the DESTINY 5 show.

Waking up today caused me some fear and trepidation. Re-centered myself on the ride to camp but got bogged down by the immensity of work yet to be done before the kids’ final presentation on Friday. Looking forward to camp being over and really focusing on editing the D5 show.

DAYS 10, 11, 12 and 13

DAY 10, Monday, July 25 2011
Started session 2 for summer camp. Have 20 kids in my class and half of them volunteered to help make a video for the television project. This will help me take one step closer to doing this as a career. There’s excitement buzzing!

DAY 11, Tuesday, July 26 2011
Feeling the Shadow’s crunch today. I have to face the facts that I won’t be able to edit the DESTINY 5 program until next week’s camp session ends. It’s frustrating but is the reality.

DAY 12, Wednesday, July 27 2011
Teaching the hero’s journey to 20 teenage campers. It comforts me to know that I am making a career of teaching the hero’s journey through this camp experience. For ORIGINS, Little Orphan Annie wishes to be with a family. For SHADOWS the campers will be delving into Fontaine’s decision to become a prostitute during the French Revolution inspired by Les Miserables. Robin Hood joins forces with his merry men for the HELPING HANDS. Lancelot trains the knights of the round table during DESERTS. The four way scene between a bewitched Lysander and Demetrius from A Midsummer Night’s Dream will play out the PLOT TWIST with their love interests Hermia and Helena. Orpheus will descend into the underworld during the DARK NIGHT in search of Eurydice. Wicked’s Elphaba will sacrifice herself and her ambitions for the SACRIMENTOR scene and the final duel between Hamlet and Laertes will be our show’s CLIMAX. Finally the kids from Grease shake off the 50’s stereotypes to be a more authentic expression of who they really are for the final DESTINY scene.

The kids have been really good about turning in their release forms and I’m hoping we’re building momentum toward DESTINY 5, Season 2 focusing on teens.

DAY 13, Thursday, July 28 2011
What an amazing day! I think this is the first remnants of the HELPING HANDS in this story. I confess that this quest hasn’t felt like a true quest for me yet. Just by journaling the process and recording our DESTINY 5 tapings have been my only evidence that I’m on a new quest to make these efforts my new career.
Something amazing happened at camp today. At some point we stopped rehearsal and had an hour and a half long discussion. The students really opened up and bonded with each other. I was perplexed by their ability to open up and confess how meaningful this camp experience was for them. I allowed the discussion to continue has so many students took the opportunity to be heard in front of 20 of their peers. It was truly an inspiring moment for me personally and one that will define my happiness and joy as a teacher. It stands to reason that today’s moment may also become one of the defining moments of their teenage life. In a world where we’re encouraged to bow to peer pressure, I was overjoyed at these teens ability to speak from their hearts. They really get this hero’s journey stuff and I’m certainly looking forward to our final presentation next week.

Tomorrow we begin shooting footage for the DESTINY 5, Season 2 pitch. Maybe I’m “lucking” myself to the successful conclusion of my quest. Or maybe I’m simply writing my destiny and finally allowing myself to be guided effortlessly, joyfully and going with the flow.

Monday, July 25, 2011

DAYS 9 and 10

DAY 9, Sunday, July 24

I very much enjoyed yesterday’s taping. Here are the team results before “makeup points are awarded”.

Ruth, Rebekah and I earn 3 points. Ilyse will earn 2 points once she successes fully ties in the Qigong footage with her Quest.
BITCHIN’ BADGERS: 23 (25 pending)

4HARMONY had Melody, Morgana, Shelli and myself in attendance for a total of 12 points. Charlotte, who was at the same Qigong workshop as Ilyse, can earn 2 points for tying the experience into her Quest.
4HARMONY: 26 (28 pending)

Yesterday we covered the “Shadow” and focused on overcoming what is really getting in our way. I think yesterday’s work had inspired me to intentionally take 4 to 5 hours today and begin downloading the footage. There’s about 11 hours already recorded to create 5 episodes.

The Shadow is about tapping into the “opposite” forces you need to get over the first roadblock. We each confronted who in the past had put the idea of limitation into our minds. We faced our Shadows by playing
Mirrors, What Happens Next?, and even had a sword duel with our shadows.

There were many common themes experienced by the D5 team yesterday: strained relationships, money concerns, and the shadow was creeping into all of our lives.

Upon reflecting on yesterday’s events, I realize that my shadow is time. I get lost in a world where I feel like I have all the time in the world. I seem easily distracted at this point in my life. It’s hot, I’m frustrated and it seems like there’s a never ending stream of house chores to do.

My own reflections:

I don’t have time to edit this properly.
What happens next?
I don’t have a professional videographer.
What happens next?
I’m overwhelmed with life.
What happens next?
I get distracted too easily.
What happens next?
I keep making intentions to travel with this but it never seems to happen.
What happens next?
I’m too tired.
What happens next?
People don’t see the value of this work.
What happens next?
I’ve been kidding myself this entire time.
What happens next?
I wish things could be easier.
What happens next?
I find something else that will take away my time and attention.
What happens next?
I quite without realizing I’ve quit.

I don’t have time to edit this properly.
Yes, you do.
I do, because I’m doing it as I journal today.
No, you’re not.
I’m also dwelling on my setbacks when I distract myself therefore not accomplishing the work.
No, you’re not.
I’m just doing the work.
What happens next?
I find myself wanting to do just a little more.
What happens next?
I’m already lining up footage for the first 5 minutes.
What happens next?
I’m pleased that I’ve been able to get this done today because I’ve intended on it.
No, you don’t.
I’m pleased because I’ve simply decided to be pleased and the work simply follows my mood.
What happens next?
I simply enjoy the process of editing DESTINY 5 with no attachment to outcome.
What happens next?
I find excuses to do the work everyday.
No, you don’t.
I find excuses to do the work and enjoy it everyday.

After this last round, I realize that the shadow is all about working with chaos. There are many opportunities to give up, just as there are many opportunities to proceed with determination. But the real challenge is not being conscious of ANY of these opportunities.

DAY 10, Monday, July 25 2011

Started session 2 for summer camp. Have 20 kids in my class and half of them volunteered to help make a video for the television project. This will help me take one step closer to doing this as a career. There’s excitement buzzing!

Saturday, July 23, 2011



DAY 4, Tuesday, July 19
Overwhelmed with work at the summer camp. Took footage of my theater camp to use as B-role for my story.

DAY 5, Wednesday, July 20
Started out overwhelmed and with a downtrodden attitude. Re-centered myself on the car ride to work and dedicated myself to playing at camp. Kids made phenomenal progress when I did a hero’s journey meditation with them. During their run through of the show I focused only on what I really enjoyed and appreciated about their performances instead of focusing on constructive criticism. This helped me to truly experience the “Innocence” theme of this week and I had one of the best days of my life and career because of it.

DAY 6, Thursday, July 21
Finally cleared out my files and am ready to begin uploading DESTINY 5 videos. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t gotten more done as some days this isn’t beginning to feel like a real quest yet. But we’re already into DAY 6! My thoughts were on one of my very talented students who holds back on a lot of her performances. I was agitated in that when you’re given an immense talent, you only hurt yourself when you let the world tell you you’re not good enough. I continued to encourage her, using both positive reinforcement of her talent and the negative reinforcement of “selfishness” by not giving the gift of her talent. Now I’m giving myself the same lecture about this DESTINY 5 project.

DAY 7, Friday, July 22
Final performance for my summer camp today. I start with a new class on Monday. Very tumultuous day. The kids were unwisely given sugar and caffeine during their pizza party and were both hyper and moody. The show was very enjoyable as the kids created a moment that I believe might have defined some of their childhoods. We all experienced the hero’s journey through this production and shared the lessons with a very appreciative audience. My hope is that the quests of the Little Mermaid, Elphaba, the Wicked Queen, Mary Poppins, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Gandalf, Dorothy and Willy Wonka will remind the children of their own life hero’s journey.

DAY 8, Saturday, July 23
We’re about ready to film SHADOWS today at the Sanktuary Spa. Three cast members will not be in attendance and I’m sad about that. Today is definitely a critical day in the journey. My Shadow is my own lack of time and energy to properly edit this project. My intention is to find the answer, the source, of how to consistently work every day in spite of a demanding summer camp schedule, taking care of a house and working a second job.

Monday, July 18, 2011

DAYS 1, 2 and 3

DAY 1, July 16

It was real pleasure to have every single member present today. What struck me most about the day’s events was there are now two definable teams forming: “4Harmony” and “The Bitchin’ Badgers”.
Now that it’s DAY 1 and now that there’s two teams, I feel like this is real. Looking ahead at this week, my intention is to clear out computer space and begin editing the first episode of DESTINY 5. This won’t be easy as I have a full time schedule in teaching drama for the next four weeks as well as continuing to take personal training clients.

My goal for this week is to engage myself in the “If I Ruled the World…” exercise everyday and set aside at least an hour each day for editing.

The team score as of the first session:

DAY 2, Sunday July 17

If I Ruled the World…
Editing this footage would get easier every day.
I would have a full television production crew to help me with this.
Sponsors would be banging on my door to be a part of DESTINY 5.
I would have the next 10 cities lined up to shoot DESTINY 5.
I would add 10 hours extra every day for work, play and communication.
This journal would write itself.
I’d consciously focus on having more joy with all my tasks.
Money for the project would roll in as more and more appreciative audiences are exposed to the work.
Thousands of viewers will be exposed to this effort from the first episode alone.
I’d have a national network by the end of the first season.

Today I’m cleaning out the files in my laptop to make room for editing Episode One.
To raise sponsorship funds I’ve been taking stock of my “startup network”. My resources are of course YouTube, Facebook and my website and blog. I’m also hoping the cast’s networks will also increase exposure as well as that of my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

DAY 3, Sunday, July 18

Argh! I’m so exhausted and really emotionally spent! After teaching the whole day I feel like doing nothing! But now I feel truly committed knowing this is a new quest which has begun. My energy and feelings are scattered trying to balance my full-time work schedule with journaling, editing and outreach efforts. All I do know for sure is that I REALLY WANT to make this television show.

I’m hoping the theater companies I have been working with will see value in DESTINY 5 for teenagers. For now all I can do finish cleaning my files and get to the editing as soon as possible.

If I ruled the world…
1. All life would be playtime.
2. Every moment would continue to be a joy because I’m looking for joy.
3. This game would be over and I can get to my DESTINY 5 work.
4. I’d be able to give all my D5 cast members unlimited “fun tokens” - each good for one free moment of the best times of their lives!
5. Playing “If I ruled the world…” would be a national sport.
6. DESTINY 5 would be as big as the world series!
7. I’d hurry this journal entry up because I realized my laptop charger plug is too small for the outlet causing my laptop to lose energy very quickly.
8. I’d have a magic wand which would edit my footage for me.
9. Every moment working on D5 is a blissful connection to my highest intentions.
10. Everyone would realize that once you take the game seriously, it becomes real.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


July 10 2011
12:56 pm

(6 Days Before DAY 1)

The new quest for me is filming the DESTINY 5 Online Television Show. I seek to create my dream career armed with nothing more than a small video camera, a voice recording device, a laptop with a pretty good editing system and 8 woman who choose to write their destinies along with me.

The quests which will be explored in first episodes are as follows…

CHARLOTTE (Team 1) - Meditate every single day and return with 60 journal entries about her findings while taking time for herself.

ILYSE (Team 2) - Develop and teach a lesson to 15-20 women about finding yourself. Ilyse can use any modality necessary but the climax of her quest will be her teaching this lesson through her discoveries over the next 60 days.

KENDRA (Team 2) - Lead a youth outreach effort, teaching or sharing whatever activity she chooses. She must reach out and connect with 20 girls in her beginning efforts to launch a community youth center serving teenage girls.

MELODY (Team 1) - Raise $100,000 in her “hot little hand” through her Transcendent Journey program and/or any other programs she develops within the 60 days.

MORGANA (Team 1) - See her Facebook and Twitter accounts jump by 1,000 followers in her effort reach more people with her teaching efforts.

SHELLI (Team 1) - Finish her play which will be produced post-quest. A finished script must be submitted by 60 days end.

REBEKAH (Team 1) - Amount to be determined, but sell her art work over the internet or other means.

RUTH (Team 2) - Write herself a check for $100,000 as a result of her event to take place at the end of the quest.

MIKE (Teams 1 and 2) -
So, action steps for me! My quest is to make a career of making this online tv show and to do that I’ll need sponsors. To raise sponsorships I’ll need footage.

My intention is to begin editing EPISODE ONE this week. I will use this blog to communicate with myself and to my cast members. It will also serve as my journal for the 60 day quest.

I've written an outline for the first episode.


At the 2 Minute mark…

2:00 Introduction. I have 2 minutes or less to grab my audience’s attention. The question must be asked, “Why would people watch DESTINY 5? How does this story need to be told to grab the viewer’s attention from the very beginning?”

MY ANSWER: I’m very intrigued by the “magical” idea that what we write about we can create. Therefore, the opening two minutes should be filled with images, sound bites, quick clips and footage detailing 8 women taking on the modern day hero’s journey. This should be filled with excitement, passion but also moments of tension. The message is - THIS ONLINE SHOW WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO DEFINITIVELY AND IRREVOCABLY WRITE YOUR DESTINY! (ORIGINS)

What is the conflict?

10:00 (Ten minute mark.) The audience should be very clear about what this television show is about and the conflict. My conflict is getting people motivated in an over-stimulated/under-appreciative world. The first 10 minutes will focus on my passion for creating DESTINY 5 and the roadblocks of even getting this project off the ground. Introduce my dilemma with the kittens while there is little to no interest from the theater community in participating in DESTINY 5. (SHADOWS)

Who are the helping hands? What aid has been given to progress the story?

10:00-20:00 (Twenty minute mark.) We begin to introduce the players, or the first team members, to initiate the process. Audition footage of Melody, Morgana, Ruth and Ilyse - Mike introduces the back story on how these players came to the project. (HELPING HANDS)

What action steps are being taken? What skills are being developed?

20:00-30:00 (Halfway mark.) What action steps have been taken to begin launching this program? What skills are being developed? Footage will be of audition clips of Shelli, Kendra, Charlotte and Rebekah. These will be intercut with Mike’s efforts to create footage for a Philadelphia theme. (DESERTS)

What is the plot twist? What is the unexpected, new information we give the audience?

30-33:00 (The Midpoint) Something unexpected happens to create a catharsis, or to reexamine what the quest is about. There will be footage of decisions being made to make this an all female cast due to lack of response from the males who auditioned. (PLOT TWIST)

How deep does the emotional commitment run? Have we engaged a full emotional commitment from the audience?

33-40:00 (Forty minutes in.) The project almost falls apart. Mike drives three hours for a taping that never takes place. Footage of two feral kittens named “Destiny” and “Free Will” symbolize the dark, crazy feelings being experienced. (DARK NIGHT)

What is the key piece of information which has finally been mastered?

45:00 (Forty-five minutes in.) A cast is finally formed with four women on each team and Mike serving as “The Every Man” for both teams. We show audition footage of all 8 women describing their quests as Mike determines which team to place each cast member. (SACRIMENTOR)

What is the final payoff for this hour commitment? Has the protagonist succeeded in his or her quest?

50-55:00 (Fifty-five minutes in.) The two teams arrive to shoot footage on July 9, 2011 (almost a month and a half behind the original schedule.) There will be emotional highlights featured of both teams from this shoot date. (CLIMAX)

What is the outcome? 

60:00 (End of the episode.) There will be a preview of Team 1 featuring Morgana, Shelli, Charlotte and (pickup footage of) Melody. Focus will be on the emotional depth this team had expressed during their taping and further enhance the audience‘s commitment to watch EPISODE TWO. (DESTINY)